Cleveland Treasurer Douglas Small a no show AGAIN

Once AGAIN Cleveland Treasurer Douglas Small didn’t bother to show up at the Cleveland Village Board Meeting. The Board voted several months ago to require attendance by Treasurer Douglas Small and he has not been there. Does Douglas Small think he’s above the Requirements of the Village Board? Trustee Sides asked Mayor richard lindell why Small was not there and was just blown off AGAIN. trustees james rosenbalm, chad duncan, and taren komadina had little or nothing to say about it. It was asked too why trustees leo henkelman and dan boggs haven’t been there for months either. 2/3 of the Village Board doesn’t even bother to show up. It seems to me that if there are questions about finances the Village Treasurer Douglas Small should be there to answer those questions, but Small has not shown up once since the Village Board voted to require it several months. WHY? And where are henkelman and boggs?

Will Treasurer Douglas Small have an up to date Treasurers Report this time????

I’m betting Cleveland Treasurer Douglas Small still won’t have an up to date complete Treasurers report at this months Village Board Meeting either. It’s been behind every since he took the job…..  Treasurer Douglas Small hasn’t been there since the Cleveland Board Voted to require him to be there months ago. Why should he the Cleveland Board hasn’t done anything about it so far.

Cleveland Treasurer Douglas Small not at the Meeting AGAIN tonight

The Cleveland Board Voted at a meeting two months ago to require Village Treasure Douglas Small to be at the Village Board Meetings. Treasurer Small was not at the Meeting again tonight. The latest Financial Report presented for Board approval by Treasurer Small was from October. Trustee Sides rightly noted that it is difficult to make informed financial decisions when the financial reports continue to be behind.