Cleveland’s “Town Drunk” Mayor Rick Lindell Couldn’t wait for the “Special Meeting to be over tonight to hurry over to the Village Pavilion to have a drink. It’s hard to find him when he hasn’t been drinking. He always has Beer in his truck in Cleveland and usually open. That explains why He has to have the Village Attorney do everything for $250 /hour. If you seldom draw a sober breath somebody has to do the work.004 - Copy

Cleveland is going broke

Look at this bill from the Village Attorney FOR ONE MONTH !!!  Lets look at some Facts about the Village Taxpayer money.

  1. Normal Bills for the Village for the YEAR are $42,000 (Insurance, Utilities, Street lights, Police protection, Wages for Trustees, Grass cutting and snow removal etc) Average of $3500 per month
  2. Normal income for the YEAR is $44,000. Average $3667 per month
  3. This one bill for $13,000 is 30% ( 29.54%) of the entire years income.
  4. The Attorney has agreed to reduce that bill by half for this month ONLY. So it’s only 15% of the yearly income for the year.
  5.  In 7 months all the income for this year is gone to Attorney bills without paying ANY of the normal bills. $6,000 times 7 equals $42,000
  6. $42,000 plus the $42,000 normal bills. Is $84,000
  7. The Total Village assets are $306,000. At the current rate more than half of the Village Total money will be spent in less than 2 years time. THE VILLAGE IS LOSING  $5833 A MONTH ( $3667 income minus $3500 plus $6,000 Attorney Bill ( $9500) expenses

Think it can’t happen? Well look at these figures for what is ALREADY OWED.

  1. The $6,000 is already owed FOR ONE MONTH (with the half off) ending May 31
  2. June is another $6,000 (or more)ALREADY OWED
  3. July is half over and right on track for another $6,000.(or more)
  4. That’s $18,000 ALREADY OWED
  5. The Attorney’s  Assistant  ( for $180/hour) is separately working on “ Codifying the Village Ordanences” . (Combining and updating outdated Ordinances) Based on Experience of trying to update Ordinances that may take 100 hours or more, But,  let’s lowball it and call it only 50 hours. 50 times $180 is $9,000 and it’s already being done.
  6. $9,000 plus $18,000 is $27,000 ALREADY OWED TO THE ATTORNEY and that’s only FOR 3 months.

The Attorney bills are still piling up and NOBODY has even seen ANY of them yet except the first one. The Board approved Changing the Appropriations from $3,000 to $30,000 for “professional services” so the Attorney bill can be paid but NOBODY asked what the total so far is….. It’s $27,000 and climbing fast.

Cleveland you’re going broke and NOBODY is watching the cookie jar. Ask why while you still have the money to keep the street lights on.  This isn’t personal … it’s just business

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Police in Cleveland AGAIN this morning. Dispute AGAIN between two neighbors that have had “problems” before? Cleveland will probably get a bill from the Colona Police AGAIN for “investigation”. Is one of those the home of another Village “Trustee”? ……Why yes it is…. NO It was NOT Trustee Komadina, Duncan or Rosenbalm.

predictable “Accident” at Cleveland Pavilion

There was an accident at an event at the Cleveland Village pavilion on July 4th that sent a young man to the hospital. The young man is ok. The Questing now is who is liable for an accident on Village Property the Village or the organizer? Somebody gotta pay the hospital and Dr. bills. And if there is time off work somebody gotta pay that too. The Village was told by their insurance company to require the organizer to get liability insurance and decided not to on the advice of the Village Attorney. Alcohol was involved when the fireworks went off in his hand with the Organizer and Village Trustee Gary Sides standing there watching. Several people within 10 to 12 feet of it when it went off were not injured. Doesn’t sound like “Just a Birthday Party” to me, but that’s what the Mayor was told it was. The 3 foot stick from the other fireworks that landed stuck in the ground in a neighbors yard seems to show that it was something else. We never had Police called to my “Birthday Parties”…. just sayin… Here is the fire that was still burning Sunday from the party with no one anywhere around. In the background is the burn ring provided by the Village unused. The fire was set in the grass


Hidden Contract

Here is the signature page from the Contract Mayor Rick Lindell signed with the Chicago Attorney. A complete copy is available because it had to be notarized. It’s been hidden from the Board and the taxpayers of Cleveland. Ask for a copy, see exactly what Mayor Lindell has obligated the Village to and hidden from everyone for the last two months.  Scan0005

RICK the River

Cleveland Mayor Richard Lindell . Why are you telling a respected Local businessman that if he makes a donation to Rock the River you’ll see to it that the Building Permit for a garage on his dad’s property gets pushed through. Where I come from “Mayor ” we call that EXTORTION. Everybody has bailed out of the Rick Lindell Show, AKA Rock the River. Only way left is to BUY support. Rock the River is Going to loose money, and ruin it here forever being such a disappointment this year.

Here’s a picture of Mayor of Cleveland Rick Lindell’s chosen Cleveland Village employee sitting at the pavilion in Cleveland, WITH THE VILLAGE MOVER getting drunk… Your Tax Dollars “At work”…..


The Supreme Court is now MAKING laws and not interpreting the Constitution. 6 Justices should be impeached, But the Republicans won’t do it Because they are already Bought and Paid for. If you have John Deere Insurance you have a “Cadillac” health care plan and it will be destroyed. It will be “taxed” 40% and will be Garbage. If you voted for the Democrats shame on you. If you voted for the Republicans they were already bought and lied to you. I fought for the right to vote in a free Country but the politicians are all on the take and none of them deserve a vote.

Congratulations Great Grandparents Mayor Richard and Linda Lindell. Introducing New Mom Sabrina and Emma Hope 6 lb 4 oz, Cleveland’s newest resident born yesterday evening.emma hope 1emma hope