AGAIN the Ballegeer, Sides, Henkelman group is attacking a former Mayor. These Cleveland Officials  just won’t  leave a resident alone. A complaint was filed with the County Treasurer by this group over Jim and Linda White’s Building AGAIN.  LOL it was quickly dismissed by the Treasurer’s Office after looking at the property. And people wonder why Cleveland is the joke of the area. They can’t do their job but have time to attack residents.




Once again the Acting mayor Steve Ballegeer and his yes men trustee Leo Henkelman and trustee ” Carpenter Dan” Boggs are breaking the law. ( no surprise there)

Ballegeer, at last nights Village Board Meeting just decided the seat of Trustee Taren Komadina was abandoned and the cronies on the Board Voted to replace her with yes man Gary Sides illegally. (No vote on abandonment Ballegeer just decided it) Ballegeer then sited the statute that applies once a seat is vacant with no explanation of how it became vacant. Ballegeer also claimed his seat is vacant. Below is the WRITTEN opinion of an Ancil Glink lawyer. Ancil Glink Lawyers WROTE the Illinois Municipal Handbook so I’d say they know what the law is wouldn’t you? Also below is the Illinois statute saying that Ballegeer’s seat IS NOT vacant. Ballegeer handed the statute out at last nights meeting but didn’t bother to read it. Village Attorney Graham Lee has advised against Vacating Komadina’s seat without proper procedures so the “Board” waited until he was out of town to do it, without consulting him. Once Gary Sides was in place he made False accusations about Komadina that could land him in legal trouble too while the willing Board sat by and said nothing. Then there is the matter of the violation of pregnancy discrimination laws. If Trustee Taren Komadina decides to push that you could find your tax money being spent to satisfy her lawsuit.

YOU made the mistake of electing Steve Ballegeer and cronies Leo Henkleman and “Carpenter Dan” Boggs. Now you’re paying the price.




Question Regarding: Local Government

The Cleveland acting mayor [former mayor quit] is trying to declare a Trustee seat vacant. The Trustee has not made it to a meeting in 9 months. She had a baby last march and has had many complications surrounding the birth, including staying with the baby’s father. She has not resigned and her term is up in 2017. Can he (The Acting Mayor) declare the seat vacant?

Dear          :

The simple answer is that there is no statute that gives the mayor any authority to declare a trustee seat vacant.  There is a statute that allows a village board to determine the qualifications or eligibility of its members, but that has not been used to remove an elected official from office without going to court to have a court declare the seat abandoned and vacant.  The proper procedure for declaring a seat vacant by reason of abandonment is through a court proceeding called “quo warranto.”

This issue also raises questions about whether the new pregnancy discrimination laws might apply.

Again, I encourage you to consult with the municipal attorney for specific legal advice.

                  , Partner

Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush,

DiCianni & Krafthefer, P.C.

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65 ILCS 5/3.1-10-50-d

(d) Election of an acting mayor or acting president. The election of an acting mayor or acting president pursuant to subsection (f) or (g) does not create a vacancy in the original office of the person on the city council or as a trustee, as the case may be, unless the person resigns from the original office following election as acting mayor or acting president. If the person resigns from the original office following election as acting mayor or acting president, then the original office must be filled pursuant to the terms of this Section and the acting mayor or acting president shall exercise the powers of the mayor or president and shall vote and have veto power in the manner provided by law for a mayor or president.

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Mike Erickson

So you think Steve Ballegeer is a good choice for Mayor? Well if you think it’s ok for him to use YOUR Village equipment and YOUR fuel to plow his dad’s drive OUTSIDE the Village, ILLEGALLY, like he did today (nobody on the Board knew it) then that’s what you’ll get. If you Vote for him as Mayor you’ll have a lot of your tax dollars spent to fill his own pocket…. and you’ll deserve it.

Aaron Brown And the corruption begins.

Aaron Brown Ohhhhhh can you send the mayor to do my driveway too. My father in law lives in Cleveland so he pays taxes. It would only be fair.

Mike Erickson Steve Ballegeer always was corrupt and would love to be Mayor so he can get more kickbacks too for Village purchases AND use Village property for personal use. Leo Henkelman made the motion to start the process of Steve Ballegeer filling his pocket between now and the election… and he will

Coni Donny Lane It dont look like he even salted our roads!!!!!!

Mike Erickson Too busy salting his Dad’s road WITH SALT YOU PAID FOR

Aaron Brown With the salt spreader he stole

KeithandNancy Newton Hamerlinck I got up and went to church and the store. Met Gary just starting to plow at 9:30. I hope the roads are not worse tomorrow. I would hate to wait till after 9:30 to leave for work.

Mike Erickson No Aaron they sold the salt spreader last summer for about $100 (nothing wrong with it). Ballegeer made a deal to buy another one last fall for $1400. Was there a kickback to him for that purchase… probably


For several months Cleveland Trustees and Mayor claim they don’t have any way to contact Trustee Taren Komadina. WELL… Her current and working e-mail address is listed on the contact information board POSTED AT THE VILLAGE HALL. They can’t even find a contact listed AT THE HALL, and this is the bunch you expect to make responsible decisions with your tax dollars?

The EPA was called to Lambeau field tonight to investigate a strange smell. The Search was called off after it was determined to be just the Chicago Bears stinking up the place.