Cleveland Mayor lindell’s word STILL NO GOOD

At the Cleveland Board Meeting A WEEK AGO Cleveland Mayor richard lindell said he was going to send FOIAs. It was just another lie. lindell still hasn’t sent anything. He’ll say anything to escape the taxpayers anger at a meeting, but it doesn’t appear he’s going to do anything he said he would. Cleveland Mayor richard lindell’s word isn’t any good.002


Cleveland Mayor richard lindell had a real bad night

Cleveland Mayor richard lindell had a real bad night at Tuesday’s Village Board Meeting. tried to fire an Elected Trustee. The High price Chicago Attorney was there possibly to help. But when Trustee Dan Boggs walked in to the applause of the packed gallery things didn’t go so well for lindell. and when lindell was asked to stop holding up their back pay for Trustee Boggs AND Trustee Henkelman things got worse and lindell said he would have them paid… we’ll see. Then there was the homeless living in the Village park for a month and a half. Trash blowing all over neighbors yards, loud music at all times of the night, and lindell never noticed even though he lives within a couple blocks of the homeless. lindell said he’d take care of it but as of yesterday the homeless are still living in the Village park. Will lindell do his job or just let Cleveland turn into a haven for homeless and let them trash the park? Who know. He was asked about a building inspector too and doesn’t have one of them either, just build whatever you want in Cleveland seems to be the order of the day. Trustee Henkelman did point out that it was a violation of the Flood plane Ordinance and people can loose their flood insurance without one. Again lindell said he’d try but nobody wants anything to do with this town. A resident said that’s understandable with lindell in charge. FOIA was next.  lindell was asked why he wont send FOIA requests. lindell had to shut down the speaker like he tried to do all night to gallery AND Trustees. Lindell said he’d take care of it and send them but with his record of hiding Village Documents from the public that’s doubtfull. Lindell picked up his cell phone as if he was calling the Police because he couldn’t control all the people angry with him doing nothing about public concerns. Everybody just laughed at him and it may have been a fake call since no police ever showed up. Then lindell  wanted to spend more tax money clearing an alley beside the money pit old church. That didn’t go well either when Trustee Henkelman asked what was the purpose of spending more money to do it and lindell didn’t have an answer to that either. A member of the gallery commented that it was just to use his power to get even with residents living beside the alley. either way it didn’t get approved because lindell couldn’t explain why it was needed at this time.  With a packed gallery of people angry with the Mayors inability or unwillingness to do anything about residents concerns it’s easy to see why lindell keeps canceling Village Board Meetings so as not to have to face the taxpayers. lindell kept shutting people down by moving to the next topic ( including Village Trustees ) He had a real bad night, and so did the Village Attorney when all the money he’s sucking out of the village got mentioned by Trustee Henkelman. Will lindell do anything to address ANY of the concerns of the residents or just keep stonewalling? … We’ll see. But you can bet if he doesn’t the next meeting won’t go well either, if he doesn’t just illegally cancel another Village board meeting.



Cleveland Mayor richard lindell has put “Sign Ordinance” on the agenda for tomorrow nights Village Board Meeting. Is it on there to try and silence Questions he doesn’t want to answer? If so they better be REAL careful. 004 - Copy002

Two new posts … but its the same noname and wont be approved

Two more posts sent (By the same person using two different names). Naturally they won’t use their real name.. to ashamed maybe. No facts and no point to posting either. However they did at least clean up the filth from the last time. STILL NO FOIA REQUESTS BEING SENT BY Mayor richard lindell. Business as usual in Cleveland. Questions could be cleared up by letting the taxpayers see what The Mayor and Board are trying to do. Nobody knows though because Board Meetings are canceled repeatedly and lindell won’t let taxpayers see any documents on anything. Even when the few Board meetings are held Treasurer douglas small won’t show up. The Board members and Village Officials aren’t any better they have SOME of the requested documents but they won’t show taxpayers either. 002

Cleveland Mayor richard lindell Won’t answer Freedom of Information requests

002Cleveland Mayor richard lindell fired the Village Clerk as FOIA Officer and replaced her with himself AGAIN. Lindel appointed himself before and wouldn’t answer FOIA Requests saying he was too busy to answer them. Trustee Gary Sides said at a Board Meeting ” if you’re too busy then why don’t you appoint  the Village Clerk as FOIA Officer?” lindell was finally shamed into appointing her and FOIA Requests started getting answered again. Now lindell has fired her as FOIA Officer and he WON’T answer FOIA Requests any more. WHY IS THAT RICK? Why don’t you want the taxpayers to know what you’re spending their money on? WHY did you fire the person that would answer FOIA Requests and decide you wont?  No one can get an answer to Why because lindell has canceled 4 of the last 9 Village Board Meetings.