Cleveland Mayor richard lindell Won’t answer Freedom of Information requests

002Cleveland Mayor richard lindell fired the Village Clerk as FOIA Officer and replaced her with himself AGAIN. Lindel appointed himself before and wouldn’t answer FOIA Requests saying he was too busy to answer them. Trustee Gary Sides said at a Board Meeting ” if you’re too busy then why don’t you appoint  the Village Clerk as FOIA Officer?” lindell was finally shamed into appointing her and FOIA Requests started getting answered again. Now lindell has fired her as FOIA Officer and he WON’T answer FOIA Requests any more. WHY IS THAT RICK? Why don’t you want the taxpayers to know what you’re spending their money on? WHY did you fire the person that would answer FOIA Requests and decide you wont?  No one can get an answer to Why because lindell has canceled 4 of the last 9 Village Board Meetings.

Trustees got no public vote on Cleveland Village Clean Up Days

No public Board Vote on having Cleveland Village Clean Up days. No public comment On Village Clean Up Days. No ANYTHING because Mayor richard lindell canceled ANOTHER Village Board Meeting. That’s 4 of 9 CANCELED by lindell. WHY?…. Illinois Statutes require at least a call to order and a roll call. But in Cleveland they just throw up ANOTHER MEETING CANCELATION NOTICE and nobody shows up. Nobody can be held accountable for their vote because nobody gets to vote thanks to lindell.



ANOTHER Canceled Cleveland Village Board Meeting means no clean up week

4 of the 9 Monthly Cleveland Village Board Meetings have been canceled by Mayor richard lindell. The last was when he “claimed” there were “not enough people” when in fact there were enough to hold a meeting. Village Clean up week would have been on the agenda last month like it always has been, But since lindell  canceled the meeting AGAIN  looks like the Tax Payers in Cleveland loose AGAIN with lindell in charge.

some kind of middle of the night “problem” at Cleveland Mayor richard lindell’s house

About 2 AM was when the yelling and all the swearing at the top of everyone’s voice started at Mayor richard lindell’s house and in the yard and neighbors yards. Then again at about 4 AM all over again with the swearing and threatening and screaming. The police were called twice but from what we’re told they never bothered to show up to the Mayor’s house. With all the adults yelling and screaming and swearing at each other it was quite a night. Neighbors were really glad to see morning come when everybody left the house and things got quiet.

How much is the Village of Cleveland paying an employee to talk on his cell phone?

it has taken many days to scrape the paint off of the front of a small front section of the old church property purchased by the Village of Cleveland, and it isn’t done yet. Don’t know for sure but it seems that if the Village Employee (That is living at the Mayors house at last report) was not spending so much time being paid tax money to talk on his cell phone and was doing a little more scraping on the building it wouldn’t have taken so long to get so little done. But then with Village Board Meetings being canceled and the public not being able to see a financial report from Treasurer douglas small nobody knows how much it’s costing now do they? And with Mayor richard  lindell refusing to release the records of his out of control spending the public never will know until it’s to late.

how much will the glass showcase bring for Cleveland?

Tonight mayor richard lindell loaded a glass showcase out of the old church property on to the truck of a village employee. Not loading it into the dumpster beside the building probably means it will be sold. I will be asking where it went and if it was sold how much the Village got for it. After all it IS Village property and I don’t think the Mayor would help a village employee steal it to sell would he? I’ll be asking too about the wood that was hauled out of town by the same Village Employee when he cut down a tree in Cleveland. Rumor has it that it was hauled to the pile stacked on the property of a partner by the new stoplight at Colona and route 6 for sale. Just wondering IF that’s true how much the Village gets from the sale. I’m sure that Village Property wasn’t stolen either.

Went last night to ask Trustee James Rosenbalm why to Village meeting was canceled AGAIN. He said “I don’t make the agenda or cancel meetings the Mayor does. You’ll have to ask him”  so I did. So I went to the alley behind the Mayor’s house and he was outside so I asked.  lindell said “not enough people” and walked away so I left.  Today I got a call that Mayor Richard lindell had complained to the States Attorney about me coming to his house to ask. REALLY?  So what is it now, a crime to ask the Mayor a Question? I won’t go again to his house… The Trustee didn’t know why and the Mayor keeps canceling Board Meetings so no one can ask questions there either. In the mean time your Tax dollars are being squandered and nobody seem to be able to ask how or why. FOIA Requests won’t be answered since lindell decided to appoint himself as the FOIA OFFICER. If any of the Trustees even know … and will talk to you maybe somebody can find out where all the Village money is going before it’s completely gone.

Why are Village Board Meetings Continuing to be CANCELD?

Cleveland Village Board Meeting CANCELD AGAIN. The Village Board Meeting night was changed presumably so Trustees and the Village Treasurer douglas small could attend. small hasn’t been to a Board meeting since he was sworn in even though the Village Board voted to compel his attendance. If Trustees Can’t make it now and Treasurer douglas small WON’T attend then why was the meeting night changed? Is it because of the growing number of Village residents that attend with Questions that Mayor richard  lindell  finds uncomfortable as he stumbles to try and deflect? Was it changed because the newspaper reporter has a Board Meeting in a larger town on that night so none of the out of control spending hits the paper? Is it so all of the spending can be done without Board authorization until they finally find out about it well after the fact? Is it so the reason FOIA requests are just being ignored and Mayor Richard lindell doesn’t want to answer why?   lindell fired the Fredome Of Information Officer that WAS complying with what ever little information she had been provided. lindell replaced her with himself. The ballot I voted on said Mayor of Cleveland not KING of Cleveland unless I read it wrong. Why are the Village Board Meetings continuing to be CANCLED? Who knows? and with incomplete contact information listed at the village hall for the Trustees there’s no way to find out now is there?

Church Roof Contract FINALLY Delivered


Eight Grand for a roof on a run down building. That’s just a start of the wasted taxpayer money. God knows how much money lindell’s relatives and their boyfriends are going to be paid before it’s all over to “Clean up ” the inside. No water to the property,( rumor has it $14,000 to drill underground to the old Gas station property and even then nobody knows if that “Well” is any good)  No legal septic, The electrical in the building was so bad it couldn’t be used when the roofing crew needed to use it. The windows need to be replaced. No idea what the “new modern kitchen” proposed will cost….For what?…. lindell said at a Vliillage Board meeting it’s a place to have Village meetings and to rent out. The Village hall that already exists is used for meetings and has not been rented over a half dozen times in the last 10 years and the old church building won’t be either. It does make a great place for lindell to put a whole bunch of his relatives to work on taxpayer money though. The Village HAD one CD for $57,000 and one for $160,000 plus when lindell got elected. They have blown through the small CD and are well on their way to blowing the rest of the money on the “Old Church” money pit….. Will the last one out of Cleveland when the Village goes broke thanks to lindell and his Village Board please turn out the lights?

Church roof contract