Steve Ballegeer collected drawing items for Rock the River drawings too. But he “forgot” to give them for the drawing. Ended up giving the free meal to Gary and Lisa sides, and the rest to friends. HE “FORGOT” MORE THAN JUST ONE YEAR TOO.

Steve Ballegeer tried to hide a Hog Cooker at a friends house so the rightful owner couldn’t find it. But the rightful owner did find it and the friend wasn’t willing to go to jail for accepting stolen property. STOLEN PROPERTY DOESN’T BOTHER  STEVE BALLEGEER, and it won’t bother him as Cleveland Mayor either.

hog cooker


Remember the Gun that was given for the drawing at the Coon Hunt that Steve Ballegeer just decided to give to Lisa Sides? ( No she never returned the ill gotten gain ) They are not allowed to run the crooked coon hunt drawings anymore. But Steve did appoint Lisa Sides as Cleveland Treasurer again.

coon hunt steve and lisa - Copy

Think this is Just an old record?

Just an old record? Well Steve Ballegeer STARTED A FIGHT at Rock the River , IN CLEVELAND. He CHOAKED ANOTHER TRUSTEE THAT DISAGREED WITH HIM also IN CLEVELAND. He was a “Trustee” when he did that. Leo Henkelman, Sherri Krogman and “Carpenter Dan” Boggs know that and still want to run with him and support him as Mayor….. REALLY?


Think Steve Ballegeer would be a good Mayor?  This is who Leo Henkelman and Sherri Krogman are running with in the Cleveland Election. Think those 3 look like the end of corruption in Cleveland? They don’t to me.

Ballegeers record

Ask Steve Ballegeer who got the Village Tractor and attachments that were sold at bargain prices at the auction he set up. Ask Henkelman and Krogman why They didn’t know anything about it because Ballegeer And Gary Sides loaded it all up and Claimed it was going to be washed when he was actually taking it to the auction. Yes that’s Gary Sides loading it with the Village Tractor they sold still in great shape.

apr 7 2007

Ballegeer,  Henkelman and Krogman HAVE to run on the same LIE about Money that worked for them last time. They sure can’t run on their Record of Fraud, Corruption and Wasting Tax Payer Money. Since they want to run on the LIE they told last time, ASK THEM TO SHOW YOU WHERE 1 CENT WAS MISSING LIKE THEY CLAIMED…… IT WASN’T and  THEY CAN’T.Apr 7