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Does this Plastic man look like a reason to call the Police to you? Well the unelected wife of Cleveland’s Mayor Waterman thinks it is. So she did. Mike Larson and family were having a picnic with Easter egg hunt for several little ones at the park in Cleveland.  When the son of “Trustee” Sheri Krogman sped by several times Mike Larson put the little plastic man by the road as a reminder that there were little ones present at the park. The Mayor’s wife ( an unelected nobody) called the Police to have the “unauthorized signage” removed.  It wasn’t about the plastic man because the Waterman’s have one like it and they use it. It was still another example of the abuse of power in Cleveland. In Cleveland it doesn’t matter if the kids are safe at the park, it matters more if the Mayors wife thinks she wants to control others like she does Richard Waterman. If you’re not “buddies” with the Board or Mayor here, don’t come to the park in Cleveland your little ones are not safe here.

The Fed has had to back down on STEALING a Nevada ranchers cattle. The seized cattle were released Saturday, and the Fed has left.          click the link

People have had enough!!!!.   ARMED militias started showing up from all over the country to come to his aid. Politicians from both Republican and Democrat parties better take notice. There is a limit to what WE THE PEOPLE will stand for. Stopping a tyrannical overreaching government is exactly the reason for the right to keep and bear arms.  “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

When Steve Ballegeer was asked by Mayor Waterman at the April Village Board Meeting if the excess salt ( that you taxpayers bought) had been returned to the Township (for credit) Steve Ballegeer answered “it’s gone”. Why was he so careful to answer that way? Because the excess salt ( that you taxpayers bought) was never returned to the township for credit. Steve Ballegeer either sold it to another individual or has it stored so he can sell it next year and line his own pocket.  You elected this thief… you deserve what you are getting.

YOU PHONY HYPOCRITS…… The ONLY exception is Taren.  Lisa Sides had a get well put on the Village sign.  She didn’t mean it and neither does the rest of that do nothing Mayor and Board.  They all call him names that I won’t repeat and now pretend like they care. All Lisa Sides has ever cared about is herself.

Viet Nam DayBy Presidential Proclamation today March 29th is Viet Nam Veterans Day. May God have mercy on the souls of the brave Men and Women that paid the ultimate price to keep this great land free.

Looks like it’s not Irene its Justin. It seems that some of the Cleveland Village Board has gone behind the back of the rest and is already working a backdoor deal. Probably a quick vote at the next Board meeting sprung on everybody so there’s no chance of discussion. Like they did with the Village Tractor.

Hey Cleveland, did you know about the meeting this Saturday  29 March ? Don’t feel bad, some Cleveland Village Board Member’s weren’t told about it either. It’s another hurry up job by just some of them to spend more of your Tax money.

The property on Broadway where Turman Schrage  had a barn is for sale and they are going to meet with Irene Saturday to spend more of your money quick before there can be any discussion about it. They are going to buy a backhoe they don’t need and now a garage to store it in.

Oh Steve Ballegeer, is the man you dropped the bucket on operating that equipment still on permanent disability? Broken back wasn’t it Steve? Going to be a race to spend every dime Cleveland has before Ballegeer hurts or kills somebody with the equipment and their lawyer gets it all.

Global Warming/ Climate Change is fake. Its based on a computer generated model, created by bias presumptive inputs. GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) It presumes that the 70s were “normal” and everything else must be “abnormal” The e-mails that have been uncovered prove that it is made up and has no basis in fact. The pictures of Polar Bears disappearing are a misrepresentation. Polar Bears can swim up to 60 miles and often seek out the small patches of Ice intentionally to fish from. Polar Bear populations have actually increased not decreased.