Cleveland Mayor lyin richard lindell writing bad checks on Village Accounts

lindell took over with a $57,000 CD now all spent and another CD for $167,000 that is now $128,000. lyin lingell is breaking the village of Cleveland paying all his friends and relatives and the Chicago Attorney…lindell is now writing bad checks on Cleveland accounts and bouncing funds back and forth to try and cover the non sufficient funds charges he’s piling up and trying to hide.

DUMP lyin lindell and his cronies for a brighter future for Cleveland.

Lyin Cleveland Mayor richard lindell doesn’t care about his wife either?

What says Happy Valentines Day Better than a Cleveland Village Board Meeting? What an idiot… Lyin Mayor richard lindell appearently doesn’t care about his wife either. But it is a good way to hide from Village residents Questioins again isn’t it? That idiot doesn’t care anymore about his wife than he does about spending the Village out of existence. Time for a change in the Mayor’s Office at the next election.

Cleveland Mayor lyin richard lindell tries to trash another Village resident

Cleveland Mayor lyin lindell tried to trash the reputation of Sherri Krogman, a respected Real Estate Agent living in the Village of Cleveland. Typical lyin lindell tactic. lyin lindell uses a Village face book account to try and trash the reputation of a well respected Real Estate Agent, Sherri Krogman…. lyin lindell is illegally using a Village facebook account to campaign in wanting to continue his spending the Village of Cleveland out of existence. lindell has no reputation to defend his nick name is “Dick Head” and he introduces himself as “Dick Head” so he is trying to trash the reputation of honest hard working people including Sherri Krogman  to cover up his own corruption. lindell is a disgrace.

Dangerous intersections in Cleveland

The snow plow driver couldn’t get up to plow the streets when it was just snow. Maybe to drunk. Now it’s turned to ice and Cleveland is dangerous. Ice on the intersections and the roads. lyin king lindell is spending the Village broke paying relatives and friends, but no salt on the roads. lyin lindell is too stupid to know the school bus comes to Cleveland and it’s dangerous for our kids and the residents.

Just playing with lyin lindell’s brain

009Cleveland Mayor lyin richard lindell put up some fencing to try and hide a sign in my yard. I feel a little guilty about it because all I’m doing is taking that fools brain out and playing with it, just because I can. There isn’t anything on the sign now I care about but that fool can’t leave it alone …. I own the idiot. LOL LOL LOL

KARMA for lyin lindell

007lyin lindell left the Village truck sit on the edge of Village lot trying to be an ass and block a sign that is being used mostly for Birthday wishes and endorsing political candidates…. HA,HA, HA, HA, LOL, LOL LOL now it wont start… and the sign is still there and visible dummy.

Lindell trying to hide the sign.. Can’t handle the truth can you lying lindell

003Lindell parks the Village truck outside on the edge of the Village lot to block a sign in my yard…. LOL didn’t work did it Rickey? So now he parks the Village Tractor outside too. Not a problem though Mike Larson will need the Tractor again soon to use it for his private business like he did last night and lyin rickey lindell will let him AGAIN004My sign will still be there and Lyin lindell cant do anything about it. The village Board last meeting told lyin lindell to stop letting Village Equipment be used for private business but Lyin lindell thinks he’s above the law… and in Henry County he is. The States Attorney won’t do anything about it.