The EPA was called to Lambeau field tonight to investigate a strange smell. The Search was called off after it was determined to be just the Chicago Bears stinking up the place.

Rock Island High School sent this letter to parents. Think EBOLA is just somewhere else? THINK AGAIN.

Dear Rock Island-Milan School District Families,

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, Rock Island-Milan School District Administrators were contacted by the Rock Island County Public Health Department and made aware of an issue involving a Rock Island family who recently had a family member arrive from Liberia last weekend. The family, longtime Rock Island residents, has a student at Rock Island High School.

Given the heightened awareness and seriousness of the Ebola outbreak in the country of Liberia and the spread of the virus in the United States, the Rock Island County Health Department believes that abundant precaution is necessary.

Therefore, the family is going to remain isolated in their home and be monitored by the Rock Island County Health Department for 21 days to rule out any unknown factors that could stem from traveling from a country where Ebola is prevalent. The student will remain at home and will not be attending Rock Island High School until the 21-day period health monitoring has passed.

The Rock Island County Health Department has stated that there appears to be no risk of Ebola to community.

The safety of our staff and students are the priority in the Rock Island-Milan School District. We have placed informational items on our web site with links to the most current information.

The school district will continue to work closely with the Rock Island County Health Department. In the meantime, if parents have any questions or concerns to please call the school district Administration Center at 309-793-5900.


Dr. Mike Oberhaus
Superintendent, Rock Island-Milan School District

Cleveland Mayor Richard Waterman appointed Trustee Sherri Krogman tonight (Monday) as temporary treasurer, replacing Former Treasurer Lisa Sides after her resignation. The Village of Cleveland can now pay it’s bills and move forward in a responsible fashion.

Cleveland Treasurer Lisa Sides did NOT resign over building permit issues like she told the Dispatch. Lisa quit because Mayor Waterman wouldn’t punish her neighbor. Lisa and her husband paid about half what they should have for property tax for years. When a neighbor asked why theirs was so much higher Lisa got caught and her taxes went up. Now she’s trying to get even with them. It’s not about permits and never was. If it was Lisa and her husband would have gotten a building permit for the decks they put on the front and back of their own house. It’s about Lisa Sides vindictiveness like everything is with her. Trustee Steve Ballegeer want’s to help her “get even”. Is Ballegeer still a little interested in Lisa? Well you can decide that for yourself

Have received confirmation that Cleveland Treasurer Lisa Sides DID Turn in her Keys, Checkbook and resign on Sunday 21 September. No details given but I am told “It was not pleasant” No replacement has been chosen at this time.

Cleveland Treasurer Lisa Sides is unhappy with her Neighbors Yard, a Chicken coup being built across the street and the Mayor for not doing anything about any of her childish complaints. Boo hooing on Facebook. But her son’s comment is the best. He advised her to move and get away from the stress. 70% of the stress I think was the comment. Good idea she should move. Her problem is that the same SOB that gets in the car on this end gets out on the other end of the trip. Gonna be hard for her to run away from her selfish self.