Didn’t have time last night Rosenbalm?

Trustee James Rosenbalm had time to drive by last night to see the sign but didn’t have time to find the contracts for over $8,000 of taxpayer money spent. Makes me wonder if there really is a contract. Rosenbalm said at the Board Meeting there was one and he’d get it to the Cleveland Village resident that asked for a copy. Won’t give it to that person either. Is there a contract Jim? 018 - Copy

Cleveland Trustee HIDING CONTRACTS

Cleveland Trustee JAMES ROSENBALM Why are you HIDING the Contracts for Thousands of Dollars worth of tax money spent on the “Old Church” that the Village Bought? The work is completed. The contracts were requested on a FOIA and they were Never given to the Village Clerk/ FOIA Officer… WHY JIM?

Trustee Rosenbalm WON’T Let the public see contracts or does he even have them?

Trustee James Rosenbalm said at the Cleveland Village Board Meeting that there were signed contracts for the Thousands of Dollars worth of repairs being done to the “Old Church” building in Cleveland. The work is completed but the Village Clerk STILL  doesn’t have the contracts on file. Why aren’t the Cleveland taxpayers being allowed to see the contracts for work paid for by tax money? They have been requested on a freedom of information request and the Village Clerk has said she doesn’t have them. Trustee James Rosenbalm said the Village has them. Is Rosenbalm keeping them from the Village Clerk/FOIA Officer? Has Rosenbalm given them to someone else that won’t let the public see them?  Do they actually exist at all? WHO KNOWS?  The simple fact it that WHOEVER has them , If they exist, WON’T let the taxpayers see them.

Work being done on Cleveland Building without Having required documents

At the Village Board Meeting the people of Cleveland were told that a contract had been let to reroof the building commonly known as “The old Church”  A FOIA Request was sent asking for a copy of the contract , Bids if any let, License to do business in Illinois, Insurance And the proof of notification of the obligation to pay Prevailing wage. The work is already being done on the roof by a Davenport Company, ( are there no roofers in Illinois) Yet the Village has informed me IN WRITING that the Village does not have ANY of this information in it’s possession. Does it not seem reasonable that if ALL of this documentation is required for Municipalities that the Village WOULD have it prior to work starting?

Treasurer Douglas Small a NO SHOW AGAIN TONIGHT

AGAIN tonight Cleveland Village Treasurer douglas small was a no show at the Village Board Meeting. Mayor Richard lindell was asked why since the board had voted that small is REQUIRED to be there and his response was “because he aint”. It is interesting that lindell is said to have DEMANDED to know why a Trustee hadn’t been to the Board Meetings and may have told him he WOULDN’T be paid without a reason.. Yet when the Village Treasurer douglas small WON’T show up that doesn’t seem to bother lindell.  lindell was asked if the Trustee had been paid yet and he said no but he will be. When asked at the Board Meeting if it didn’t seem hypocritical to pay Treasurer douglas small when he won’t show up but not a trustee for the same reason lindell did not have much to say.

RICK the RIVER LOST MONEY last year it’s on the agenda again

Cleveland’s Rick the River Lost money last year. The in lindells pocket Village Board was shown the “Creative Accounting” done by lindell and Treasurer Douglas Small. The fact is that a fundraiser lost money but The Village Board chose to ignore it. Now Rick the River is back on the Agenda for this year. You can bet it’ll loose More of your Tax Money AGAIN this year again but with a little “Creative Accounting” and a Village Board willing to ignore it the true figures will never be shown on a Rick the River report.


002Cleveland is in a SPEND, SPEND, SPEND YOUR MONEY MODE. The agenda is up and lindell wants the Board to approve MORE spending. Wants to have the in his pocket Board approve him and the Treasurer to sign,sign ,sign. Treasurer Douglas Small WON’T come to the Village Board Meetings after the Board Voted to REQUIRE it. But now lindell wants the out of towner to be able to decide (with lindell) to sign YOUR BILL.