Is Doug Small still the Cleveland Treasurer?

Village Treasurer Doug Small may not be the Cleveland Treasurer anymore. ( or he’s just taking the money for doing nothing ) The Treasurers report is the same gobbledy gook that lindell was famous for when he was the Treasurer. It looks like Lindell probably wrote it.  Doug Small has never been to a Village Board Meeting or Finance Committee Meeting since he became Treasurer. It looks like all he’s doing is signing checks while KING lindell writes a fake report and claims Small wrote it. That way KING lindell can keep all the financial information HIDDEN. lindell was visibly shaken at the last board meeting when the board voted to have the Treasurer AT EVERY MEETING……  WILL THE REAL CLEVELAND TREASURER PLEASE STAND UP?

Open letter to Cleveland LIAR rick lindell

Mayor Lindell

At the Board Meeting Last Thursday you said you would have the information I have been requesting for months to me “Tomorrow.” Tomorrow was YESTERDAY. There is still no information today either Rick. Did you forget how to use the copy machine because you admitted at the Board Meeting ALL the information I requested was already in the hall. Since you felt my last e-mail was such a threat that you had to hire the Police to be at the meeting because of my “Threat” (and everyone that has read it is still laughing at you) let me make this one perfectly clear. The ONLY “Threat” I am making is to legally and peacefully address you at any public meeting. That will include the Finance Committee Meeting. Yes I will publically embarrass you and point out that your word is no good and that you can not be trusted to do what you say you will do. You said the Lawyer has not had time to get with you on the illegal FOIA Posting at the hall either. I will ask him peacefully and very publically about that too. Now are you going to give me the information I requested or not?

lindell Lied again.. still hiding Financials for Cleveland

Trustee Rosenbalm said at the Board meeting He would look at any information that was brought to his attention if it needed questioned. That sounds like responsible management HOWEVER With EVERYBODY HIDING the information there is no way for the public to bring questionable practices to his attention is there?  lindell said at the Board Meeting on Thursday that he would finally release Financial information that has been requested for months “Tomorrow.”  Well “tomorrow”  was Friday and this is Sunday and the information is still being HIDDEN. lindell admitted ALL of the information is already at the Hall and all it has to be is laid in the copy machine and delivered. lindell says he’s been to busy. The Trustees are not to busy but lindell won’t give them the financials either. Are the Trustees so in lindells pocket that they will just go along with whatever he does? It’s sure starting to look that way.


lindell’s incompetence in negotiation and Village Board apathy Cost Cleveland Money

Respected Attorney Paul Keller is the Attorney for Hillsdale and Cleveland. Hillsdale pays $200 / Hr., Cleveland pays $250 / Hr. Because of apathy The Cleveland Village Board will not stop the out of control spending spree by mayor richard lindell like the contract allows. Read it for yourself in the contract with Cleveland and the article below.

hillsdale contract

Contract 1

contract 2

Lindell trying to have requesters arrested to HIDE Financials

ANOTHER Letter from the Attorney General Because Cleveland mayor richard lindell and his Treasurer Doug Small want to keep the Village Finances HIDDEN. Lindell will do anything to HIDE the FACT that RICK the River was a financial disaster.
lindell sent the Colona Police to my home this morning to try and roust me on a bogus charge. lindell is desparate to try and stop ANYONE from getting a look at the financial information. Are him and his Treasurer siphoning off money? WHO KNOWS But when they are HIDING the financial it sure makes one wonder






Word on the Street is that the $3700 sign for RICK the River hasn’t been paid for yet. Well there goes the $4000 profit Lindell claimed they made. (The $4,000 was a LIE in the first place and now the bills are beginning to pile up) Cleveland mayor Rick the River Ruler, King Rick didn’t bother to pay the bills yet. He’s CLAIMING there was a $4000 profit. Word on the street is that Treasurer Doug Small is thinking about paying for the sign so the fake profit will look real. The Checks written and the actual bills for Rick the River are still being hidden even from the Village Board until they can figure out how to spin it and make it look like Rick the River didn’t go broke. Are TRUSTEES  James Rosenbalm, Chad Duncan, Leo Henkelman, Taren Komadina or “Carpenter Dan” Boggs demanding to see the checks written out of tax payer money? NOPE!!! ….ONLY Trustee Gary Sides is asking for accountability so far.


Here is the Resolution passed by the Cleveland Board requiring the Village Treasurer to live in Cleveland. The Cleveland Board won’t do anything about it though will they? ….Lindell likes it too so he can keep the Village checkbooks HIDDEN OUT OF TOWN with TREASURER DOUG SMALL. The Cleveland Village Board doesn’t care anymore about the Law than Lindell doesR-1-99 Treas must live in town



It would be nice if it was real. The truth is the illegal FOIA Policy is still posted. Lindell still won’t answer ANY Financial requests. Lindell still won’t answer the Attorney General’s letter asking why he won’t release financial  information. Lindell put himself in charge of the website and doesn’t intend to put up any financial information it’s a stall tactic. He still wants to HIDE the real figures for Rick the River because it lost money. Lindell tried to sneak in a vote to approve Rick the River for next year before the Trustees find out it lost money this year. Trustee Gary Sides stopped it telling Lindell he wanted to see the figures from this year first. Lindell LIED to the Board telling them it made $4,000 but he’s keeping the financials HIDDEN IN SILVIS so noboby can see that that’s a LIE. Lindell doesn’t want people to know he’s also spending $1200 a MONTH for grass cutting when Cleveland used to pay $1200 A YEAR.  Lindell tried to get the Board to spend the profit ( which doesn’t exist) on a boat dock. Want’s to get it approved before people find out there was no profit. Trustee Sides stopped that too asking to see this years figures first.  Lindell is so full of himself that truth and the law don’t apply to KING RICK.