Cleveland Lost one of it’s longtime residents. Our condolences to the family of Wayne Stohl that Passed away Sunday 13 July 2014.

Davenport 2nd ward alderman Bill Edmond told Jim on the Jim Fisher Show today:

Davenport  Mayor Bill Gluba told the Civil Rights Commission, when asked about our Marine held in a Mexican jail.    “ I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT MARINE, I care about the children coming across the Border”( illegals)   Don’t spend one dime in Davenport, Iowa until he resigns.  Do the Veterans in Davenport agree with Bill Gluba?  If not let that piece of crap know about it. He don’t care about a Marine in a Mexican Jail, but wants to bring diseased illegals from Mexico to Davenport  by the bus load. Mayors office phone: (563) 326-7701

The Village of Cleveland is falsely claiming Jim White enhanced his own property and now wants out of the Village. “Mayor” Richard Waterman now wants to enhance his property by abandoning Charles Street, after saying last month he wants to resign as Mayor. Both were discussed at last night’s Board Meeting. So the Board Falsely claims Jim White did it, and it’s a problem, but it’s OK if Waterman does it. CAN YOU SAY HYPOCRIT? And trustee “Carpenter Dan” Boggs Resigned after one month as Building inspector because Trustee Leo Henkelman wouldn’t support giving Boggs $400 per month as a retainer for the job. Is it really about being responsible or is it about continuing a Board sanctioned vendetta against the former Mayor White?

Looks like Gary Sides isn’t cutting the Village grass anymore. It’s starting to look nice again. The gentleman from Maple Street is doing a great job keeping it that way. Even mowed the Village grass around Jim and Linda Whites mailbox. Nice to see the Board sanctioned Vendetta by Sides doesn’t affect the man from Maple Street.  He just cares that it looks nice. (Gary Sides is second best AGAIN)  Trustee Sherri Krogman did volunteer to do mowing the right way too, and yes she is Qualified to run the equipment, But “Mayor” Richard Waterman won’t give her a key to the garage so she can. Other volunteers can get a key but a trustee can’t? Maybe Waterman was too drunk to remember he said he would give her one

disband colona park district dispatchCLEVELAND RESIDENTS….
The Colona Park District is taking Cleveland residents tax money but has never put one dime back into Cleveland. TAXATION WITH NO REPRESENTATION. and now they want more to give you nothing. Sign a petition today to DISBAND
     Contact Mike Erickson (309) 945-7031 to sign a petition to dissolve the Colona park Board. ALL registered voters can sign.

So Cleveland Treasurer Lisa Sides is back to her old tricks again huh? Village Mail is being hidden from certain members of the Village Board.  She did the same thing before as Village Clerk/Treasurer. SOME Trustees (Including Steve Ballegeer) got to see it right away. But the Mayor and other Trustees only saw the mail  (and treasurers reports and minutes) at the last minute at a board meeting if at all, then votes were taken on the information that the “right” Trustees had the chance to review first. The others had to wing it on the spot. Can Waterman stop it? Not a chance. They worked hard to get him in as Mayor so there was a pushover in the Mayors office. Now that he’s there he’s being treated like a mushroom “Feed him a bunch of S— and keep him in the dark.”


How interesting…. “Mayor” Richard Waterman WAS in town for the May Village Board Meeting. That’s right while the Village Board Meeting was going on, that he was supposed to be presiding over, he was sitting at his home on Main Street IN Cleveland watching TV. He met with Steve Ballegeer for 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the meeting. Waterman didn’t come to the meeting because he didn’t have the Balls for the confrontation that as going to take place when the board tried to put Ballegeer on the check book. Steve Ballegeer is a thief. But Waterman doesn’t dare stand up to Ballegeer. How many of the other decisions were made at private meetings? it is hard to tell. Trustees Komadina and Krogman were not invited to the “Good Old boys” meetings. But you can bet that since there wasn’t any discussion, because the “boys” already knew how they were suppose to vote, the Village business was done before the Village Board Meeting ever started.

Illinois disarmedHow many murders in Chicago AGAIN since Friday night? It’s 3 dead and 19 wounded…Look it up  (        Why would a terrorist or criminal go to another State when Illinois won’t let anyone stop them at all here? You can get a gun permit if you want to spend $600, but Law abiding Citizens can’t carry it anywhere in Illinois anyhow so why bother? But all the Criminals in Illinois carry a gun.

Ames letter redacted

After the way Jim and Linda White have been treated asking the Board to act like adults, this is what it takes to get the Village of Cleveland to clean up its own property. There is no desire to sue the Village, BUT thanks to already approved free John Deere Legal services, the option is there if it isn’t taken care of. Hopefully Trustees Carpenter Dan Boggs, Sherri Krogman, Leo Henkelman, Steve Ballegeer, Brian Davis and “Mayor Richard Waterman will take it seriously before it has to go that far.

Passed Dumping Ord 2011-08-01ORD 10-01 2010 Weed Ord 001ORD 10-01 2010 Weed Ord 002

Grass on streets ord underlinedCan Gary Sides be sued for continuing his Board Sanctioned vendetta against the Jim and Linda White?…. Oh yes he can… read the ordinance…… Will he and the Village be sued now that it has been brought to their attention? I guess we’ll have to see, won’t we?   Can the Mayor’s wife be sued for leaving grass all over the streets too? …… well you be the judge. Deere employees and retirees have free legal as part of their employment/retirement package. Think they will use it if the foolishness continues?????


Sides cuts jims lane