The Supreme Court is now MAKING laws and not interpreting the Constitution. 6 Justices should be impeached, But the Republicans won’t do it Because they are already Bought and Paid for. If you have John Deere Insurance you have a “Cadillac” health care plan and it will be destroyed. It will be “taxed” 40% and will be Garbage. If you voted for the Democrats shame on you. If you voted for the Republicans they were already bought and lied to you. I fought for the right to vote in a free Country but the politicians are all on the take and none of them deserve a vote.

Congratulations Great Grandparents Mayor Richard and Linda Lindell. Introducing New Mom Sabrina and Emma Hope 6 lb 4 oz, Cleveland’s newest resident born yesterday evening.emma hope 1emma hope

The Cleveland Village mailbox is marked with a rubber band so mail won’t be delivered and the Village Clerk can’t get it. ( that’s the marking for people on vacation, out of town etc.) What are the outgoing, voted out, Steve Ballegeer and company trying to hide?Mailbox rubber band

Here is the Arrest Record of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland. Yes he’s dead, and if the FACTS show something done wrong there should be prosecutions….but really WHO CARES? Just another Dead Drug Dealer the way I see it.  F Gray's Record

The Newspaper did not have a reporter there last night at the “Special Meeting” of the Village Board in Cleveland. The Board did not swear in the New Mayor and Board because the County Clerk had not certified the Election Results from the recent Election. Those results were going to be certified and mailed out by the close of business yesterday.

In other Business the Board did vote to disconnect Jim and Linda White from the Village. Jim White asked for a delay to get advice from Council but that request for a temporary delay was ignored. Former Mayor White noted that his request has been ignored for the last 14 months and asked why the rush now but got no answer.

Attorney Paul Keller from Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni & Krafthefer, P.C. Informed the Board they had not met the statutory requirements to vacate the Board Seat of Trustee Taren Komadina. Village Attorney Graham Lee agreed with him and indicated that there was a 60/40 chance if it went to court the Village would not prevail. After discussion and a closed session The Board decided to take no action in replacing Trustee Komadina. WORD ON THE STREET is that The Board’s chosen replacement backed out or the appointment would have taken place ignoring the Attorneys advice.

The Board also voted to give Resident Dave Nunn a $50 gift Card as a way to thank him for all the Work done last year for Mowing and Ground Maintenance done in the Village. Mr. Nunn did a wonderful job making the Village look better than it has for years. The Board did not hire him last year and could not legally pay him for those hours as a result. The Board Voted to Hire Mr. Nunn this year for that work.

Congratulations to the Winners in Cleveland Elections.
MAYOR Richard Lindell , TRUSTEES James Rosenbaum , Chad Duncan and Leo Henkelman. To those that ran and did not get Elected, Thank you for running and giving the citizens of Cleveland a choice.Election results

When you go vote today ask yourself have things gotten better for Cleveland with Steve Balegeer, Leo Henkelman, and Sherri Krogman in office for 4 years.  CLEVELAND YOU DESERVE BETTER Apr 7

Tomorrow Cleveland you will decide If you want the Corruption in Cleveland to continue or you deserve better. Steve Ballegeer, Leo Henkelman and Sherri Krogman have made you the Joke of the Quad Cities for the last 4 years, and done nothing for YOU. Make the BETTER choice you deserve

Apr 7